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#Darpan IDCodeNameProject TypeDepartmentDistrictApproved Project Cost (in Lakhs)Fund Utilized so far(in Lakhs)Source of FundingCreate DateFinancial YearProject Status
1MSPCLB1Installation of 2x20 MVA, 132/33 kV Sub-Station along with associated 132 kV LILO line & related works at Thoubal in ManipurConstructionPOWER (MSPCL)Thoubal5205.770NEC2017-04-17 16:32:202015-2016Project Status
2MSPCLC1Installation of 2x5 MVA 33/11 KV Sub-station at Mao along with the associated 33 KV line & related work in Senapati District, ManipurConstructionPOWER (MSPCL)Senapati978.630NEC2017-04-20 13:39:122015-2016Project Status
3MSPCLC2Installation of 2x5 MVA 33KV S/S along with the associated 33KV line and related civil works at Heirok Thokchom Leikai under IPDSConstructionPOWER (MSPCL)Thoubal881.220Others2017-04-20 14:01:552016-2017Project Status
4CCP/Mini-SecttConstruction of Mini Secretariat ChurachandpurConstructionPWDChurachandpur5677.364166.2State Plan2017-05-15 15:59:252012-2013Project Status
5MID-IW005Constn. of Mini Barrage a/c Marakhong River in between Patsoi and SagoltongbaMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-West100.000CSS / CPS2017-05-17 15:07:542014-2015Project Status
6MID-IE001Constn. of Watershed Management under Rain water harvesting from Kongba river at Pangei Lairampat about 1.5 kmMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-East100.0035.93CSS / CPS2017-05-17 15:14:212014-2015Project Status
7MID-IE002Constn. of Main canal of Keibi Awang & Makha Leikai RLI Scheme at KeibiMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-East50.009.7CSS / CPS2017-05-18 13:06:262014-2015Project Status
8MID-IE003Constn. of P/W a/c Itam River at Souba Thingel at ChalouMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-East100.0028.86CSS / CPS2017-05-18 13:10:432014-2015Project Status
9MID-IE004Modernisation of P/W & Irrigation Canal at Thengu ChingjilMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-East50.0043.57CSS / CPS2017-05-18 13:13:502014-2015Project Status
10MID-IE005Constn. of Rain water harvesting at AndroMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-East50.000CSS / CPS2017-05-18 13:16:592014-2015Project Status
11MID-IE006Constn. of Gated Weir a/c Yaralkhong at GurupatMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-East255.000NEC2017-05-18 13:19:342016-2017Project Status
12MID-IW001Constn. of Sluice Regulator & P/C at Chingmei Left LoukonMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-West50.0043.30CSS / CPS2017-05-18 13:24:502014-2015Project Status
13MID-IW002Constn. of River training works of Abulok Maril from Pungjao makhong to Thouroijam bridge pointMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-West50.0016.34CSS / CPS2017-05-18 13:33:472014-2015Project Status
14MID-IW003Modernisation of P/W a/c Abulok River & P/C, drop fallMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-West100.000CSS / CPS2017-05-18 13:36:222014-2015Project Status
15MID-IW004Constn. of Irrigation Canal at Chaprou Loukon near Jatra MapaMinor Irrigation DepartmentImphal-West50.0043.12CSS / CPS2017-05-18 13:40:462014-2015Project Status
16MID-TBL001Construction of Side Walls, Weir bed and representing of shutter for Mini Barrage at SangaiyumphamMinor Irrigation DepartmentThoubal80.0067.51NABARD2017-05-18 13:54:382015-2016Project Status
17MID-KCK001Constn. of P/W a/c Naodam Turel (stream) at Kakching Makha Leikai Naodam bazarMinor Irrigation DepartmentKakching50.0040CSS / CPS2017-05-18 13:57:432014-2015Project Status
18MID-KPK001Constn. of P/W & I/C a/c Haipi River at HaipiMinor Irrigation DepartmentKangpokpi50.0035.38CSS / CPS2017-05-20 15:19:342014-2015Project Status
19MID-KPK002Constn. of P/W a/c Haipi Stream at KharkholaMinor Irrigation DepartmentKangpokpi50.0025.24CSS / CPS2017-05-20 15:23:172014-2015Project Status
20MID-BPR001Constn. of P/W across Khujirok Maril at Irengbam ChingkhongMinor Irrigation DepartmentBishnupur50.0041.03CSS / CPS2017-05-20 15:31:492014-2015Project Status