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#Darpan IDCodeNameProject TypeDepartmentDistrictApproved Project Cost (in Lakhs)Fund Utilized so far(in Lakhs)Source of FundingCreate DateFinancial YearProject Status
61DAR-2020-000728EE-ED-III/DLO Mini Sect/20Addition & Alternation of IEI & Replacement of LED lighting in the DLO 4 nos. Security Barrack 2 nos. i/c Security in the Mini Sectt. Complex SenapatiOthersPWDSenapati56.108.00Others2020-11-05 09:56:342018-2019Project Status
62DAR-2020-000202EE/ED-II/Mini-Sectt.-Bldg/43Addition & alternation of switch gear for AC, DG & solar line in the Mini-Secretariat Building at Ccpur.OthersPWDChurachandpur8.000Others2020-02-24 09:05:552019-2020Project Status
63DAR-2021-001105TBL/Darpan/COVID/123Addition &Alteration at GNM School for COVID Care Centre at Thoubal,Khangabok.OthersPWDThoubal80.350Others2021-03-23 08:55:372020-2021Project Status
64DAR-2018-000543BD-II/AE-III/2014-15/49Addition and alternation of residential Quarter, Construction of security barrack cum visitor shed, compound wall, garage...etc for T-V/Qtr no. 2OthersPWDImphal-East8870600.000State Plan2018-03-19 06:50:002017-2018Project Status
65EE/ED-II/JNIMS Apart. Block/12Addition/alteration of ground floor of 2 (two) Apartment blocks for Teaching Staff and Accommodation of Junior Doctors at J.N. Institute of Medical ScOthersPWDImphal-East260.000.00Others2017-09-27 11:53:082017-2018Project Status
66DAR-2021-002053Luwangbung Nilapadma Upper Primary School Additional Class RoomConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-West18.685.85CSS / CPS2021-12-15 10:28:422021-2022Project Status
67DAR-2022-000042Khundong Khunkhaiba SMDC 2014-15Additional Class RoomConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSATamenglong8.674.96CSS / CPS2022-01-11 07:34:462021-2022Project Status
68DAR-2022-000045Lhangnom Primary School SMDC 2018-19Additional Class RoomConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSATamenglong18.685.85CSS / CPS2022-01-11 16:49:232021-2022Project Status
69DAR-2021-001936Ramlalong Primary School SMDC 2014-15Additional Class RoomConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSATamenglong8.670CSS / CPS2021-11-25 16:26:142020-2021Project Status
70DAR-2021-001912Leishangthem Wangmataba Upper Primary School Additional Class Room Leishangthem Wangmataba UPSConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAThoubal18.680CSS / CPS2021-11-20 08:18:282021-2022Project Status
71DAR-2021-001952Phoubakchao Awang Jr High School SMDC 2019-20Additional Class Room Phoubakchao Awang Jr High SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-West18.680CSS / CPS2021-11-30 08:50:052021-2022Project Status
72DAR-2021-002027Khundrakpam Chingkhu High School SMDC 2019-20Additional Classroom ConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East18.680CSS / CPS2021-12-09 09:03:422021-2022Project Status
73DAR-2021-002056Mahabali Rongmei U.P.S SMDC 2019-2020Additional ClassroomConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East18.680CSS / CPS2021-12-17 07:32:392021-2022Project Status
74DAR-2021-001928Aibol Joupi P/S SMDC 2014-15Additional Classroom Aibol Joupi P/SConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAChandel8.674.96CSS / CPS2021-11-23 06:22:262021-2022Project Status
75DAR-2021-001931H. Mongjang UPS SMDC 2019-20Additional Classroom H. Mongjang UPSConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSATengnoupal18.680CSS / CPS2021-11-23 06:42:542021-2022Project Status
76DAR-2021-001955Irengband Upper Primary School SMDC 2019-20Additional Classroom Irengband Upper Primary SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAKakching18.685.85CSS / CPS2021-12-01 06:13:442021-2022Project Status
77DAR-2022-000014Kalapahar High School SMDC 2019-2020Additional Classroom Kalapahar High School ConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAKangpokpi18.685.85CSS / CPS2022-01-05 07:31:512021-2022Project Status
78DAR-2021-002083Kongpe Primary School SMDC 2014-15Additional Classroom Kongpe P/SConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAChandel8.674.96CSS / CPS2021-12-30 07:24:462021-2022Project Status
79DAR-2021-001981LATINGKHAL P/S SMDC 2018-19Additional Classroom LATINGKHAL P/SConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAJiribam13.376.96CSS / CPS2021-12-03 10:13:332021-2022Project Status
80DAR-2021-001951Moreh Hr. Sec School SMDC 2019-20Additional Classroom Moreh Hr. Sec SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSATengnoupal18.685.85CSS / CPS2021-11-30 01:24:392021-2022Project Status