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#Darpan IDCodeNameProject TypeDepartmentDistrictApproved Project Cost (in Lakhs)Fund Utilized so far(in Lakhs)Source of FundingCreate DateFinancial YearProject Status
61DAR-2021-001962Divn1 Salam Khul Thingel to Lai MamangOMI Imphal WestConstructionCADAImphal-West75.000.00State Plan2021-12-02 06:08:212021-2022Project Status
62DAR-2021-001961YAS11Construction of Gallery (Southern side) for football at Khuman LampakConstructionYouth Affairs & SportsImphal-East100.00100.00State Plan2021-12-01 08:55:032021-2022Project Status
63DAR-2021-001960SEHJANG NEW PRIMARY SCHOOL SMDC 2012-13New Primary SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAKangpokpi22.3217.97CSS / CPS2021-12-01 08:46:422020-2021Project Status
64DAR-2021-001959YAS10Construction of Gallery (Western side) for Football stadium at Khuman LampakConstructionYouth Affairs & SportsImphal-East100.00100.00Others2021-12-01 08:41:072020-2021Project Status
65DAR-2021-001958Andro Unampon P/S SMDC 2012-13New Primary School Andro Unampon P/SConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East32.8427.18CSS / CPS2021-12-01 07:59:092021-2022Project Status
66DAR-2021-001957Andro Heinoubok P/S SMDC 2012-13New Primary School Andro Heinoubok P/S ConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East32.8427.18CSS / CPS2021-12-01 07:54:202021-2022Project Status
67DAR-2021-001956Wapokpi Primary School SMDC 2012-13New Primary School Wapokpi Primary SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAKakching32.8427.18CSS / CPS2021-12-01 06:53:342021-2022Project Status
68DAR-2021-001955Irengband Upper Primary School SMDC 2019-20Additional Classroom Irengband Upper Primary SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAKakching18.685.85CSS / CPS2021-12-01 06:13:442021-2022Project Status
69DAR-2021-001954Pangantabi Upper Primary School SMDC 2019-20Additional Classroom Pangantabi Upper Primary SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAKakching18.685.85CSS / CPS2021-12-01 06:12:232021-2022Project Status
70DAR-2021-001953SS/D-2/19-ChingshouHS Qter-UKLstrengthening and residential staff quater underConstructionEducation (S)Ukhrul26.750.00Others2021-12-01 05:03:352019-2020Project Status
71DAR-2021-001952Phoubakchao Awang Jr High School SMDC 2019-20Additional Class Room Phoubakchao Awang Jr High SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-West18.6810.77CSS / CPS2021-11-30 08:50:052021-2022Project Status
72DAR-2021-001951Moreh Hr. Sec School SMDC 2019-20Additional Classroom Moreh Hr. Sec SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSATengnoupal18.685.85CSS / CPS2021-11-30 01:24:392021-2022Project Status
73DAR-2021-001950SMDC Palkhuang New Primary School, 2017-18Construction of New Primary School at Palkhuang Primary SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAPherzawl29.3611.31CSS / CPS2021-11-29 17:08:122021-2022Project Status
74DAR-2021-001949SMDC Tuolbung Upper Primary School, 2012-13Construction of UPS at Tuolbung Upper Primary SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAPherzawl27.2312.75CSS / CPS2021-11-29 16:49:122021-2022Project Status
75DAR-2021-001948SMDC Phailianbung Primary School, 2012-13Construction of New Primary School at Phailianbung Primary SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAPherzawl22.329.98CSS / CPS2021-11-29 16:32:012021-2022Project Status
76DAR-2021-001947SMDC Tuilijang Primary School, 2017-18Construction of New Primary School at Tuilijang Primary SchoolConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAPherzawl29.3619.79CSS / CPS2021-11-29 16:18:422021-2022Project Status
77DAR-2021-001946Jalichambi Changamdabi Primary SchoolNew Primary School Jalichambi Changamdabi P/SConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East39.9827.17CSS / CPS2021-11-29 07:29:182021-2022Project Status
78DAR-2021-001945SS/21-DI/ChabouPS/TamenglongStrengthening of School under Samagra Shiksha 2019-20 at Chabou P.S. Tamenglong ConstructionEducation (S)Tamenglong37.820.00Others2021-11-29 07:00:552019-2020Project Status
79DAR-2021-001944SS/21-DI-L.C.Phai/TamenglongStrengthening of School NR under Samagra Shiksha 2019-20 at L.C. Phai P.C. Tamenglong.ConstructionEducation (S)Tamenglong37.820.00Others2021-11-29 06:53:052019-2020Project Status
80DAR-2021-001943Okram Upper Primary School SMDC 2019-20Construction of Construction of three Class Room for Upper Primary School 2019-20ConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAThoubal27.239.39CSS / CPS2021-11-29 06:50:562021-2022Project Status