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#Darpan IDCodeNameProject TypeDepartmentDistrictApproved Project Cost (in Lakhs)Fund Utilized so far(in Lakhs)Source of FundingCreate DateFinancial YearProject Status
1DAR-2021-001338SPT/DC road upto Army Camp/81Impt. of road at Senapati DC road upto Taphou Army Camp - 2.50 Kms.ConstructionPWDSenapati75.000.00State Plan2021-05-17 09:56:442019-2020Project Status
2DAR-2021-001337Uchekon Khunou - JJMExtension of pipeline towards Uchekon Khunou from Gangapat Water Supply SchemeConstructionPHEDImphal-East70.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-07 06:41:362020-2021Project Status
3DAR-2021-001336Achanbigei JJMExtension of pipeline at Achanbigei water Supply Scheme for full coverageConstructionPHEDImphal-East76.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-07 06:38:302020-2021Project Status
4DAR-2021-001335Kairang MeiteiExtension of Pipeline towards Kairang MeiteiConstructionPHEDImphal-East500.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-07 06:35:482020-2021Project Status
5DAR-2021-001334Kairang Muslim JJMWater Supply Scheme at Kairang MuslimConstructionPHEDImphal-East444.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-07 06:27:462020-2021Project Status
6DAR-2021-001333JJM - CCP - Singngat - ZalenphaiAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at ZalenphaiConstructionPHEDChurachandpur25.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:35:362020-2021Project Status
7DAR-2021-001332JJM - CCP - Singngat - TuimanjangAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at TuimanjangConstructionPHEDChurachandpur40.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:34:312020-2021Project Status
8DAR-2021-001331JJM - CCP - Singngat - Vokbual (M)Augmentation of Water Supply Scheme at Vokbual (M)ConstructionPHEDChurachandpur30.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:33:192020-2021Project Status
9DAR-2021-001330JJM - CCP - Singngat - Vokbual (L)Augmentation of Water Supply Scheme at Vokbual (L)ConstructionPHEDChurachandpur25.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:32:222020-2021Project Status
10DAR-2021-001329JJM - CCP - Singngat - MualjinAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at MualjinConstructionPHEDChurachandpur20.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:31:102020-2021Project Status
11DAR-2021-001328JJM - CCP - Singngat - TonjangAugmentation of W/s scheme at TonjangConstructionPHEDChurachandpur50.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:29:062020-2021Project Status
12DAR-2021-001327JJM - CCP - Singngat - Tonglon (D)Augmentation of Water Supply Scheme at Tonglon (D)ConstructionPHEDChurachandpur40.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:28:032020-2021Project Status
13DAR-2021-001326JJM - CCP - Singngat - Tonglon (P)Augmentation of Water Supply Scheme at Tonglon (P)ConstructionPHEDChurachandpur40.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:27:022020-2021Project Status
14DAR-2021-001325JJM - CCP - Singngat - TheigotangAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at TheigotangConstructionPHEDChurachandpur25.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:25:462020-2021Project Status
15DAR-2021-001324JJM - CCP - Singngat - TeikotAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at TeikotConstructionPHEDChurachandpur30.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:24:412020-2021Project Status
16DAR-2021-001323JJM - CCP - Singngat - TangpizolAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at TangpizolConstructionPHEDChurachandpur35.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:23:422020-2021Project Status
17DAR-2021-001322JJM - CCP - Singngat - T. SingtamAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at T. SingtamConstructionPHEDChurachandpur15.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:22:292020-2021Project Status
18DAR-2021-001321JJM - CCP - Singngat - T KhajangAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at T KhajangConstructionPHEDChurachandpur30.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:21:282020-2021Project Status
19DAR-2021-001320JJM - CCP - Singngat - T. MonglhamAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at T. MonglhamConstructionPHEDChurachandpur20.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:20:112020-2021Project Status
20DAR-2021-001319JJM - CCP - Singngat - SumchinvumAugmentation of Water Supply Scheme at SumchinvumConstructionPHEDImphal-East40.000.00CSS / CPS2021-05-03 17:19:072020-2021Project Status